Home Floor Products And Reviews For Palm Beach FL

Home flooring materials have advanced over the years. Newer products such as bamboo, and a huge selection of tile, hardwood and carpet, allow buyers the flexibility to entwine flooring materials into the overall design of a property. Here are some home floor products and reviews for Palm Beach FL. Carpeting as a Flooring Option Carpet is one of the most popular flooring solutions. There are Read More >

Home Loan Process For Purchasing Palm Beach FL Properties

There are many distinct steps in the real estate purchase process, and many relate to obtaining financing. It can be confusing for both first time and experienced home buyers. This blog offers important details on home loan process for purchasing Palm Beach FL properties and covers what you may want to know before initiating the process. Home Loan Process For Purchasing Palm Beach FL Read More >

Palm Beach FL No Closing Cost Mortgages Benefits And Risks

No closing cost mortgages are typically desirable to borrowers with little money to bring to closing. The term is a bit misleading as there is always a cost to lending. However, the method those expenses are recovered by a mortgage company can be structured in different ways. The following is an overview of Palm Beach FL no closing cost mortgages, a few important facts, and how it compares to Read More >

Home Loan Good Faith Estimates For Palm Beach FL Real Estate Buyers

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is responsible for overseeing and applying regulations relating to monetary transactions. The Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) is a federal regulation that specifically concerns real estate and loan transactions, including mortgages. One of the guidelines under RESPA is the stipulation that a Good Faith Estimate (GFE) be supplied to all parties Read More >

Palm Beach FL Listing Virtual Tours Vs. Slideshows

When real estate is marketed for sale, it is standard to display photos. Listing brokers may also prepare virtual tours or slideshows. Each is created using a different method and results in a different visual presentation of a space. This article is an overview of Palm Beach FL listing virtual tours vs. slideshows. What Are Virtual Tours Virtual tours are created using videography and can provide Read More >

Information On Income To Debt Ratio For Palm Beach FL Financing Pre-approvals

Personal finances play a big role in home loan pre-approvals. All finance companies evaluate your assets, income, credit and debts. These affect whether you can obtain a loan and for what amount. Below is information on income to debt ratio for Palm Beach FL financing pre-approvals. Income Analysis Lenders will look at your gross monthly income. This includes recurring income that can be Read More >

Advantages Of VA Loans In Palm Beach FL

Veterans have the option of obtaining VA loans provided by private mortgage companies but guaranteed by the federal government. The guarantee protects lenders from loss up to a certain value should a borrower forecloses on a property. With this guarantee, mortgage companies are able to extend veterans options not readily found in other programs. The following is an introduction to the advantages Read More >

An Explanation Of Palm Beach FL Appraised Versus Assessed Prices

Appraised and assessed prices are incorrectly mistakened for each other. As a home buyer and home seller, it is beneficial to understand the difference between the two. An explanation of Palm Beach FL appraised versus assessed prices can be found below. Definition Of Assessed Prices Municipalities charge a tax on residential real estate. The sum is derived from the tax rate times an assessed value Read More >