An Overview Of Florida Real Estate Transfer Taxes And Who Pays Them

When real estate is transferred in Florida, real estate transfer taxes (often known as deed recording taxes) are charged. Unlike annual real estate property taxes, transfer taxes are applicable only once when a property changes ownership. It is useful for home buyers and sellers to be knowledgeable on what a transfer tax is and how much it may impact closing figures. This article offers an Read More >

Florida Home Sale Closing Process

The closing (also referred to as settlement) is usually the final step for a home buyer or seller. It is often a day of both apprehension and excitement. It is important to understand what to expect and what can lead to delays. Below is an introduction to Florida home sale closing process for purchases with a mortgage. Clear to Close A clear to close is issued by the lender after all Read More >

Real Estate Myths In Florida

There are common assumptions when it comes to real estate, much of it based on inaccurate facts. Using inaccurate information is costly in real estate. Do not fall for these real estate myths in Florida. It Is Better to Offer a Credit Than Complete Repairs Ahead of TimeWhether you have old carpeting or need a new coat of paint, providing a buyer credit is not generally the best approach. Some Read More >

What Overpricing Your Florida Real Estate Listing Might Cost

Home prices are increasing, which is great news for homeowners. Rising prices improve home buyer confidence, which results in more buyers and more competition. Unfortunately, home sellers get the urge to overprice, which is not a good idea. Below is what overpricing your Florida real estate listing might cost. How Home Price Affects Marketing Time It is well known that list price and the time Read More >

Selling Your Property In Florida As-is

If you have bought or listed a home, you have likely come across the term as-is. As a seller, it may appear to be a helpful condition to use, but it is important to learn how a buyer might feel about it. Here is what you should know about selling your property in Florida as-is. Meaning of As-Is As-is represents that a property will be sold in its present state. This covers any issues that may be Read More >

To-dos For Florida Homeowners Before Closing

Moving can be a very hectic task. It is easy to forget a few last minute items. Remember the to-dos for Florida homeowners before closing below. Cancel UtilitiesCall each utility company to notify them of your upcoming cancellation. Many need some notice. For services such as heat, a service person may need to come out to check your meter to issue a final bill. You may need to send back equipment Read More >

Florida Computerized Home Valuation Tools Reliability

Computerized home valuation tools are increasingly marketed. As a home buyer or home seller, you might find yourself using these tools. It is important to understand how these tools work before doing so. The Process of Computing Computerized Home Prices Computerized home valuation tools normally reference property data from public records. This includes home features such as finished space, number Read More >

Seller Disclosure Requirements For Florida Listings

When marketing homes for sale, sellers and agents have a legal responsibility to tell everything known about a residence. Most legal battles relate to buyers assuming that a homeowner intentionally hid details. The following are seller disclosure requirements for Florida listings. Why Sellers Must Disclose Disclosing material facts is crucial. In some cases, not divulging information about a Read More >

Marketing Real Estate In Florida During The Holidays

The real estate market not only changes each year, but additionally from season to season. There are a few false facts about listing a home during various times of year. Below is information on marketing real estate in Florida during the holidays. Inventory & Competition There is less competition during the the holidays. Home buyers still have a need during the beginning of the upcoming year, Read More >

Details On Negotiating Offers For Florida Homes

Each real estate transaction requires several negotiations. It may be complicated and emotional as each party wants to believe that the outcome favors them, or is at the very least a fair give and take. This blog discusses details on negotiating offers for Florida homes. Negotiation Elements Market Factors Whether it's a buyers market or sellers market will determine your leverage in a Read More >