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Treasure Coast luxury homes can be found throughout the area with the same name. Treasure Coast consists of a region along Florida’s eastern coast that incorporates Indian River, St. Lucie and Martin counties. Sometimes Palm Beach county is included in the geographical boundaries of Treasure Coast. This area received its name from the vast amount of treasures found along the coast from centuries ago. According to history, numerous Spanish galleons shipwrecked in the waters off the coast and their cargo has been washing up on shore and being retrieved from the waters ever since. Of course, the cargo is not the only treasure to be found. Treasure Coast luxury homes are certainly another one of the many riches to be experienced.


The educational systems that serve the residents of Treasure Coast luxury homes is one of those precious finds. The public school systems throughout this region consistently receive recognition for their outstanding academic achievements. The private sector is also filled with a variety of choices and acquires the same praise as the public sector. Within close proximity are also several institutions for higher learning and technical training for those who want to further pursue goals in education. Some of these schools include:

  • Indian River Research and Education Center
  • Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences
  • Indian River State College
  • Florida Atlantic University-Treasure Coast Campus
  • Barry University
  • Keiser University

The educational setting also contributes to the stable economy found throughout Treasure Coast. The economy is also supported by the diversity of businesses and industries of the area. Treasure Coast is known for its agricultural production. In fact, a large percentage of Florida’s orange groves are situated in Treasure Coast. The fishing industry also adds to the economy. However, there has been a shift toward other industries in the last few decades. Education, health services and technology are a few of these. Also, the service industry, including tourism, is an important contributor.

Luxury Homes

Treasure Coast luxury homes also entice the wealthy to reside in this region. According to statistics, one of the cities has the second highest per capita income in the country. Two of Treasure Coasts counties are also in the top five wealthiest counties in the state. This wealth certainly adds to the appeal and quality of life found among Treasure Coast homes.


The leisure and recreational aspects found here are certainly another one of the treasures. There are festivals and events year round. There are sights and noteworthy locations to visit. There is an abundance of outside activities that are enhanced by the sunny forecast famous in Florida. Every walk of life can find a way to spend down time.

Real Estate Market

The real estate market for Treasure Coast properties is also a gem. There are many options when searching for the ideal house. The spectrum includes a wide assortment of prices, styles and locations. There are expansive estates with waterfront views and all the extras possible or comfortable newly built condominiums with all the amenities imaginable.

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