Title Searches For Boca Raton FL Real Estate Purchases

A title represents ownership of a property. When real estate is sold, the title is transferred from one person to another. It is therefore a crucial component of a property sale or purchase. This blog provides facts on title searches for Boca Raton FL real estate purchases, what it is, and why it is important.

What is Title

Title is paperwork declaring the ownership and right to use a property. It is not one particular document but a series of documents such as deeds, court records, property indexes, mortgages, etc. These are entered at the local Registry of Deeds and is publicly available.

Title Searches For Boca Raton FL Real Estate Purchases

A title search is a thorough analysis of historical records on a certain property. The search begins with the present owners and traces back to previous owners. The purpose of the title search is to identify any issues or current claims on a home. The final goal is to confirm that an owner has the right to convey ownership to a buyer.

Potential Title Issues

A title search can uncover problems such as a property lien not being released, unpaid taxes, and judgments against the owner. Some of these can be quickly resolved prior to the scheduled closing while others may take an extended amount of time and work to repair. Furthermore, rare issues may be hidden and not easily revealed even with a thorough title search. Some examples are forgeries, misrepresented information, defective deeds, and clerical errors. These can remain hidden for many years and may compromise the rights of a property owner when finally uncovered. Title insurance is a program designed to address this risk but does not apply to every possible item.

Why Title Searches Are Important

Title searches are a important step in the home buying process and are typically completed by a closing attorney or closing agent. No matter how meticulous a title search is, it is important for buyers to look into purchasing title insurance to cover hidden issues. Consult with your attorney for further information on title searches for Boca Raton FL real estate purchases and to make an educated decision on title insurance.

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