Ideas On Controlling Pests In Florida Residences

Pests such as cockroaches and termites can cause a health hazard to you and your family. There are a variety of things that you can do to eliminate pest issues in your home, including chemical and non-chemical alternatives. The EPA offers a guide to pest management on their website. Once a pest infestation occurs, it can be exceptionally painful to address. To avoid pest problems to begin with, evaluate some common precautions. Below are ideas on controlling pests in Florida residences.

General Pest Prevention

Eliminate Moisture

All organisms need water for survival, so it is crucial to eliminate the dampness in your home. Repair leaky plumbing and do not let water remain standing anywhere in or surrounding your residence. Remove water-damaged materials. Even high humidity can appeal to pests, so use a dehumidifier in moisture prone areas of your home. Reducing moisture will make it less attractive to pests.

Ordinary Hiding

Take out any possible indoor hiding places such as large quantities of newspapers, paper bags, and boxes stored for enduring periods of time. These easily store moisture and provide suitable hiding places for rodents. Consider using plastic bins instead of boxes for long-term storage needs.

Block Entryways

Prevent insects from having unrestricted access to your property by blocking crevices in floors, walls, and ceilings. Install screens on floor drains, windows, and doors to barring flying pests from openly entering the home. Attach weather stripping to doors and windows to cover any obvious gaps. Specifically in warmer months, keep doors shut to minimize entry into your home.

Forgetting Food

Practice not leaving food out on counters and in sinks. This attracts pests into your home and enables them to remain well fed. Think about using storage that seal tightly. Trash bins can also attract pests, so find designs that keep in odors. Use a garbage disposal if possible to reduce the amount of rubbish placed in your trash to begin with.

Ideas On Controlling Pests In Florida Residences

Rodents look for places to live that address basic needs for air, moisture, food, and shelter. The best way to control pests is to inhibit them from accessing your home to begin with by removing the elements that they need to live as offered above. Taking these easy steps can prevent the need for more costly measures later on. These ideas on controlling pests in Florida residences was compiled by Sonny Solomon at The Keyes Company and is intended to be only a basic overview.

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