Guidelines For Green Remodeling In Treasure Coast FL

Consider an eco-friendly approach to your renovation project. Green building entails using certain materials and procedures that are better for the environment and for your health. Below are some guidelines for green remodeling in Treasure Coast FL.

Green Materials

Buy locally produced materials in the surrounding areas. This minimizes the use of fuel for transportation. Local materials are often better adapted to the particular climate of the region. Also use recycled materials to help reduce the amount of trash in land fills. Consider materials such as bamboo and cork as they are durable and easily grown. Also consider what products are made of and choose items with few volatile compounds. This will help maintain indoor air quality. Eco-friendly materials can be easily selected for your rehab project.

Efficiency of Appliances

Energy efficient options will not only help the environment but also save on utility bills. Windows and doors can be found in energy saving options and when carefully installed can minimize air gaps. Appliances such as dishwashers and high efficiency washers are known to save significant water usage over hand washing. For all appliances, select Energy Star rated models that use less electricity. Evaluate other materials that may have energy efficient choices such as low-flush toilets. Each one will make a small contribution to saving natural resources and saving you money.


During your renovation, consider donating old materials rather than throwing them away. Most items can be re-used by others. You can also apply general green concepts to your everyday living by avoiding products with harsh chemicals that harm the environment. Minimize waste by not leaving water running when brushing your teeth and capturing rain water for gardening. Recycling and minimizing waste are great ongoing practices.

Guidelines For Green Remodeling In Treasure Coast FL

Going green can make your house more comfortable, preserve natural resources, and reduce your expenses. For a little extra effort, it offers a worthwhile return. Natural resources are quickly withering away and we all need to do our part by implementing some easy green concepts to renovation projects and daily living. This blog post on guidelines for green remodeling in Treasure Coast FL was prepared by Sonny Solomon at The Keyes Company.

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